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It is with great pleasure and excitement, we invite you to the 10th International Conference on Food Science andTechnology to be held in Paris, France from February 07-08, 2022. The food industry plays an important role in the global economy and it’s also one of the dynamic sectors across the globe.

The global food industry demands economic and sustainable solutions for process innovation, food ingredients, food formulation, food analysis, and food safety leading a safe and sustainable supply chain. This event aims to strengthen the food professional community from industry and academia to discuss and deliberate the recent developments.

The organizers promise highly stimulating sessions during FoodTechnology 2022 for young researchers, scientists, keynote speakers, and others. The meeting will promote networking sessions and social programs throughout the event.

We look forward to meeting you in one of the attractive cities in the world, Paris

We are sure, your participation will help you to develop further understanding and knowledge of food analytics and will help you network with a large group of scientists working in different corners of the world.

 Why attend?

  • ·        Become empowered and energized
  • ·        Expand your network
  • ·        Discover new research
  • ·        Get technical
  • ·        Build diverse and inclusive teams
  • ·        Springboard your career

Target Audience:

  • ·        Professors
  • ·        Industry Professionals
  • ·        Directors
  • ·        Academia (PhDs Researchers postdocs)
  1. ·        Food Engineers
  • ·        Carbohydrate and Biopolymer Technologist
  • ·        Microbiologists
  • ·        Dairy, cereal, meat Technologists
  • ·        CEO's/Leaders
  • ·        Ingredients & Processing Aids
  • ·        Health Ingredient Industry
  • ·        Fish & Poultry

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