Food Waste Management

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The time from initial agricultural production down to final household consumption, food is lost or wasted throughout the supply chain. Countries under medium- and high-income group the waste of food is significant at the consumption stage, which means they set a standard a such high that they discard such food which is otherwise suitable for human consumption. In industrialized regions, a significant loss of food occur early stage of food supply chain. However, in low-income countries most of the loss occurs at the early and middle stages of supply chain than that of consumer level. The food losses which could be other wisely avoided puts a direct and drastic impact on the income of both producers and consumers. Realizing the fact that lives of billions is on the verge of food insecurity, a check or drop in food losses could have an immediate and significant impact on their livelihoods.

  • Solid and liquid wastes
  • Waste management technique
  • Waste prevention and reduction- the global demand
  • The impact of food wastage on environment
  • Legislations on waste management
  • Food waste recycling technique

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