Food Adulteration

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Adulteration is the method in addition of other substance to the food items. This will lower the quality of food either by the addition of mediocre quality material or by removal of valuable ingredients. Due to the addition adulterant, the food item quantity will increase but results in the loss of quality. Chemical and biological contamination during the period of storage, growth, transport, distribution and processing of the food products is also responsible for the degradation. Adulterants are the substances which are used in the preparation of food products unsafe for human consumption; it is commonly known as unsafe food, substandard food and food containing extraneous matter.

  • Adulteration Threatening
  • Adulteration Test
  • Adulteration Prevention
  • Food Adulteration Act & Rules
  • Risks of Food Adulteration
  • Economic Adulteration
  • Types of Adulteration

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