Advancements in Food Technology

Advancements in Food Technology Photo

As the economies of many countries are increasing, the consumers have started using processed food more than the staples. As a matter of fact global food processing technology business has reached to multi trillion dollars. It was reported that approximately, 16 million people work in the food industry. Recent advances in food processing and Technology is not only important to meet the increasing productivity demands but to adopt sophisticated automation, control and monitoring methods and techniques. The novel technologies in Food Science enable the Food & Beverages Sector to enhance the quality of the eatables and drinks.  New food stuffs include Biotechnology based methods based food products e.g. genetically modified food, Organic crops and food stuffs, Protein based diet. Hence, the food which we consume every day is the result of extensive food research, a systematic investigation into a variety of foods’ properties and compositions. There are many ways to think about food which has been discussed in various food events, food conferences in the simplest sense, food is a fuel, food provides the energy needed to perform daily functions and maintain normal metabolic processes.

  • Food technology innovations
  • Rise of Food Technology in this Century
  • Genetically Modified Foods
  • Emerging preservation technologies
  • Advances in Freezing Technology
  • Advances in Emulsion Science
  • Hackathons and 3D Printing

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